Sambal Belacan

Sambal Belacan


The Sambal Belacan is a fiery chilli sauce, tinged with the salty underlying notes of belacan - a fermented shrimp paste (it tastes better than it sounds!) which adds a deeper, darker, richer flavour to the sauce. Think of Sambal Belacan as The Sambal's big sister.


You can enjoy Sambal Belacan as a condiment or in one of our yummy recipes, why not try this one - Sambalicious Fried Rice? No matter how it's eaten, you'll definitely get a true taste of Malaysia!


Two sizes available: Regular 125ml* and Large 200ml


*previous size 100ml


No minimum order required


  • Care guide

    Once open, keep refrigerated and consume within three weeks

  • Ingredients

    Chilli, Belacan (fermented shrimp paste), Sugar, Salt Sunflower Oil


    May contain traces of nuts

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