Masks and accessories

Masks and accessories

Colours of Borneo offers these masks and matching headbands which are made with beautifully printed cotton and each of the designs are inspired by the different tribes of Sabah (Borneo). Every item is hand made by artisans in local kampungs (villages) around Sabah and is made to an exceptional quality. 


Colours of Borneo was set up in 2020 to be the UK partners for Malaysian social enterprise, Changgih Designs. Changgih helps to train local artisans and then offers on-going employment which provides a vital income stream as well as a way to share a small part of Sabahan culture to people around the world. Colours of Borneo are proud to do what we can in the UK to support this great cause. In addition to the masks and headbands there is a range of matching scarves, purses, bags and clothing available - find out more at




Why WE love them: not just for the beautiful material and unique patterns, Sue also loves the ear-saving headbands.. no more walking around with her ears sticking out!

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