Hand poured soy wax candles

Hand poured soy wax candles


A Winter's Tale Gift Set  £27

Bringing you a beautiful trio of Winter candles to herald the festive season!

This set includes: 3 x 120g candles; handmade vintage paper hanging star on wire attached to a red bauble on red & white butchers twine and a pretty Christmas tree postcard to write your message.


Individual Candles (120g)  £12

  • Winter's Morn soy wax candle with essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh & Cedarwood. A special blend which is meditative and restful.
  • Winter Woodland soy wax candle with essentail oils of Pine Needle & Cypress. A rejuvinating blend, reminicent of a stroll through a frosty forest and wondering at the beauty of nature, 
  • Winter's Eve candle with essential oils of Orange & Cinnamon. A warming blend combining the sweetness of oranges with the spicy warmth of cinnamon, Christmas in a candle and just the ticket for winter evenings spent by a roaring fire!


"My mission is to make candles that make my customers happy and don’t cost the earth. I use blends of essential oils that will put a spring in your step or bring calm at the end of a busy day. And I still only use 2 ingredients – pure soy wax and essential oils




Why WE love them: Ruth has an amazing way of creating magical blends that make us pull that 'ahhhhhh :)' face every time we light our candles... and they look fabulous in all our rooms too!


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