Hand poured soy wax candles

Hand poured soy wax candles


These seasonal candles are perfect for filling your room with beautiful all natural fragrance for a relaxing evening at home, or for a lovely daytime glow. Hand-poured in Berkshire with pure essential oils and soy wax, and nothing else!



Bergamot, Peppermint & Geranium - refreshing and reviving

Mint & Marigold - joyful and happy

Lavender & Rosemary - peaceful and relaxing

Ylang Ylang, Rosewood & Patchouli - exotic and sensual


The container is 6 cm high and 6 cm in diameter and holds 120g of soy wax, which will burn for around 22 hours. 


On the first burn make sure you leave your candle alight for long enough to ensure that the liquid wax pool gets as close to the sides as possible, around 3 hours, to help prevent tunnelling. If you follow this candle wisdom, the 120g container should last for 20-25 hours.




Why WE love them: Ruth has an amazing way of creating magical blends that make us pull that 'ahhhhhh :)' face every time we light our candles... and they look fabulous in all our rooms too!

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