The highs and the lows

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

So what's it really like working with your bestie?

We’ve heard all the warnings about starting a business with your best friend and how they’re likely to fail - wow, not very encouraging - BUT one and a half years later and we're still here! We’ve done the awkward money talk, the admin, the legal and mostly figured out the best way of working together (still more to learn on that). And we can happily say business is good and our partnership is even better than good!

In case you want a little insight into us and how we operate, we thought we’d share the highs and lows of working with your BFF...


Sometimes we forget to be friends

when we’re together it’s hard not to talk about work, it’s always on the brain. We have to consciously say ‘lets be friends for the next hour’ just to remind ourselves that there’s other things out there and we do actually like each other. Well we think we do anyway..

We spend a lot of time together….A LOT…

Our job isn’t the usual 9-5.. sometimes it’s 7-12... for 3 days straight.. and it’s mostly just us two. It can get intense and makes us act a little weird when we finally see someone else (sorry Luc!)


We know each other through and through

I guess this is a good and bad thing. But mostly good because it means we’ve built a trust between us and don’t have to worry about ulterior motives and the kind of backstabbing you see in films. Or do we ?!?! dun dun duuuun

Our backs are covered

At the end of the day we’re friends, and we know we’ve got each other's backs. We can make difficult decisions together and we’ll always defend each other - to the death!

We get to work with our bestie!!!

And isn’t that the dream? We have the same terrible humour which makes everyday working together fun but we also know each other well enough to know when we need a time out. Or a cry. Or a nap

Sooo basically it's more highs than lows and that's why we love our job!!! Sorry, don't mean to brag ... but it's grrrrrrrrreat!

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