Our start up story...

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We’ve had so many random crazy ideas over the years together that never worked out and sometimes when we look back we’re still in shock that Makan Malaysia exists … For those of you who haven’t known us since the beginning of time, here’s a little run down of how things got started...

May 2018 - Sue lost her job in corporate because, despite earlier promises and false encouragement, they weren’t prepared to support her visa. We won’t name and shame. And we’re over it. Whatever. ANYWAY. Sue was upset and angry and swore she’d never apply for another corporate job again!

August 2018 Sue had up until now to serve out her notice period -_- But at the same time she was planning for her future, looking into options that would allow her the freedom to spend more time with her dog (the true love of her life after Makan). And floated ideas of opening dog friendly cafes with homemade dog treats but after working in a local cafe decided it definitely wasn’t the right move - stress and commitment!

September 2018 - Sue and Kat had a chat about what we could do together (because winning the lottery and moving to a beach wasn’t working out). Together we came up with the idea of a ‘Makan Van’ that would drive around London and serve up rotis… but actually this was v v v v v expensive.. and we didn’t know how to flip rotis. But the idea of cooking Malaysian food stuck with us...

October 2018 - Our very first supper club at home for friends! Aah! The first test to see if people liked our food and if we could host an event. We did not take the task lightly- we bought new plates and glasses as well as new tables and chairs from foldingtables.com and we invited as many people as we could fit into Sue’s modest dining and living room.

Our plan was to sit down and enjoy the meal with everyone.. FOOLS. of course it didn’t go to plan … It was hectic, mad and even our guests were offering to help save us :s But it was all good fun and an overall success! We even managed to get everyone to fill out a little feedback questionnaire for us (thanks guys!).. and so we were off!

January 2019 – Our first official supper club with the help of Laura from Bench Rest. Our first paying guests and none of them had ever tried our food before… the true test! The evening went amazingly and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without the support from Laura who was a wonderful co-host and guide! Confidence boosted!

And since then we haven’t stopped! Our supper clubs have grown, we’ve traded at markets and festivals, catered private events and popped up at many a brewery ;) Oh, and Kat quit her day job and became full time in November woohoo!

We’re excited to see what’s in store for us this year! Keep your eyes peeled!

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